Top 5 Reasons for the Popularity of Pure Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling tea happens to be one of the most amazing beverages and it is enjoyed by young and old today. It is popular for its taste that reminds drinkers of grape and muscatel. Health enthusiasts as well as avid tea drinkers love to have this beverage. The seasonal flushes are in great demand among tea lovers, and are exported to different countries across the globe. Find out why Pure Darjeeling Green Tea is loved around the globe.

Wonderful fragrance

This type of tea comes with a terrific taste that is unique, and cannot be produced in any other place on Earth. It has a subtle and delicate fragrance, which makes the Darjeeling Muscatels often being called the “Champagne of Teas”. The tea leaves are grown high on the Himalayan Mountains and survive only in gardens that are at a height of minimum 3,000 feet over the sea level. Due to such special conditions, the tea has that wonderful taste and fragrance that is unparalleled.

Healthy compounds

Other than being amazing in taste, this tea is great for health as well. It is packed with healthy nutrients and compounds, which make the beverage fantastic in taste. It is rich in antioxidants and the compound known as L-theanine that can promote relaxation and wellness and have a calming and soothing impact on drinkers. The mental and physical stress levels of drinkers are reduced almost immediately after consuming a cup of this tea. Regularly consuming 1 – 2 cups of green Darjeeling organic tea can keep the stress levels down.

Makes drinkers look good

Having the tea can prevent ageing and make drinkers look young and fresh even in older years. The tea contains high amount of antioxidants that can combat free radicals and can prevent the oxidative cellular damage with the removal of free radicals that can be found in ageing cells. It helps destroy cancerous cells without having an impact on normal and healthy tissues and cells.

Better digestion

People who consume this tea report of improved digestion. The tea is a rich source of tannin, a complex phenolic substance to be found in plants, which helps drinkers to have better bowel movements. Tannins can also protect the digestive system and the rest of the body from different types of viruses.

Improves energy

The tea is a rich source of caffeine but does not lead to unexpected nervousness and palpitations in drinkers. Caffeine, along with the amino acids, is able to improve blood circulation within the body and make drinkers feel calmer but energetic at the same time. It is natural that tea enthusiasts as well as people who wish to enjoy an energetic, long and healthy life love to have this beverage every day. Having a cup of Indian green tea in the morning can provide a person with a perfect start for the day. It can keep the level of bad cholesterols down and also destroy cells that cause cancer.